What is Bicoin
What is Bitcoin and how does it work?
On we share with our audience the cryptocurrency news that are the most impactful to the new asset class and we also publish educational articles that start at the very basics! So let's start at the begging, what is Bitcoin and how does it work?
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Printing of US Dollars and the Impact on Bitcoin
It is no secret the FED and the US gov have been printing US Dollars due to the COVID Pandemic. But how much have they been printing and what impact has it had on Bitcoin? In this article we'll look at the numbers and the possible correlation between the two. 
Launch of the Platform
Hi, I'm Kevin Wippermann and I'm very excited to be launching the platform. The idea for Crypto Coaching came from the growing amount of request I was receiving over the years to help new investors or companies understand and buy their first Bitcoin or Crypto Currency.